Featured Projects

Dive into a world where tranquil pools meet sizzling fire features! Immerse yourself in the captivating details of our featured projects and experience why Pratt Guys has earned a reputation as one of the best luxury backyard designers in the southeast.

Pratt Guys Featured Project: “Baller’s Backyard”

Baller’s Backyard

Overview The client requested a contemporary backyard to accommodate large parties and family gatherings. The project included a sports pool…
Pratt Guys Featured Project: “Fun For All”

Fun For All

Overview The client was building a new modern farmhouse-style home and wanted an epic backyard to complete their dreams. A…
Pratt Guys Featured Project: “Marshview Oasis”

Marshview Oasis

Overview Our luxury backyard client desired an elegant pool and outdoor space to relax with family while enjoying an inspiring…
Pratt Guys Featured Project: “One of Each, Please”

One of Each, Please

Overview Our client came to us with a dream of having the ultimate party spot in their backyard. We worked…
Pratt Guys Featured Project: “Poolside Cottage Retreat”

Poolside Cottage Retreat

Overview The client dreamed of having a luxurious outdoor space to share with family and friends. Our team was more…
Pratt Guys Featured Project: “Saint Johns Sanctuary”

Saint Johns Sanctuary

Overview The client wanted a fun outdoor area for teens and adults to relax and hang out. They asked for…
Pratt Guys Featured Project: “Southern Charm”

Southern Charm

Overview The client had outgrown their small existing outdoor kitchen. They wanted a large covered kitchen, an island with bar…
Pratt Guys Featured Project: “Summer Escape”

Summer Escape

Overview The client needed to replace their rotting deck. They wanted a large area where they could enjoy the view…
Pratt Guys Featured Project: “The Game Day Getaway”

The Game Day Getaway

Overview Our client had a vision for a space where he could watch his favorite football team with friends and…
Pratt Guys Featured Project: “The Marco Estate”

The Marco Estate

Overview The client wanted a covered area off the back of their garage that was large enough for an outdoor…
Pratt Guys Featured Project: “To Infinity & Beyond”

To Infinity & Beyond

Overview The client wanted an old southern coastal design theme that was polished and enhanced the river vibe of the…
Pratt Guys Featured Project: “Waterfall Wonderland”

Waterfall Wonderland

Overview The luxury backyard client came to us with a desire for a tropical resort style backyard, with a lot…

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